Friday, September 07, 2007

A Brand New House

A large number of people, including Alice, have been helping to get a brand new house ready for sale. I wonder if she ever thinks about what such a new house means to us dogs?
I mean.... all the work, all the effort by the people.... but no welcoming dog water bowl in the kitchen!! I suppose some buyers might not like to think any dog or cat would ever be welcome.
Still..... I think any dog would like this house. Nice cool stone floors, smooooooth wood floors without any sawdust trapped in the varnish. Lots of soft carpets. Grass.... and perhaps best of all a tempting beyond belief line of little shrubs just my size!
But, rats!!! Alice won't let me even sniff them. Says they are too delicate. Ooooo. Well. I think I understand her point. Only a new owner's pet should have first dibs on those lovely plants.