Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ercko, Eduardo, and the Kiowa

Last month down in Baja, Alice met Erko's person, Eduardo. Erko was a Catalonian shepard dog. He lived a good life in Hermosillo, Mexico guarding his family until the awful day he got a very bad and very sudden case of tuberculosis. Eduardo told Alice about how great Erko was at this beach. He is still missing Erko. I know he was thinking about him as he struck a pose like the Kiowa statue. Thinking about life. Special friends. Places he'd been like all over India on a motorcycle. Places he will go to. Things he will do. Life in general.
As a Buddhist, I know people and dogs are reborn many times. That's why I'm always so interested in other dogs. Who are they? Who have they been? Anybody I know?
Isn't it nice just to freeze a few moments once in a while like Eduardo and look to the horizon thinking things?