Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Lawn

Last week, the very day Pika and her people left for points south, Santa Rita got its new back lawn. I watched the first watering. I miss the old dirt. It was warm and soft. But the people prefer a lawn so here it is.
Alice bought a soccer ball for it last week. A kid sized one from the Chivas team in Guadalahara. Stepsister has a croquet set ready to go with two of the balls painted like hedgehogs like the ones in the game Alice and the Red Queen played.
Yes, lots of people will enjoy the lawn. It is pretty OK, I think. I look towards Avy's side and all the past pets who lived here long ago walk by and settle in their favorite places. Nishi, the Siamese cat who waited for Alice when she came home from high school on her bike. Jennifer, the black lab, always behind the fence. Puppies Foo and Ti prance by on short visits. The mallard couples sizing up the old pool.... Hmmmm.....
I'll dream about them all up at Tahoe this week. And I bet I'll dream about a lot more creatures in the world. Maybe a bear or two?