Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mrs. G's Foxy

Alice is still thinking about the museums she visited last month. All the pictures of people. Their dogs. Some sculptures and vases...
Funny thing when she was walking through the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Twice she had flashes of someone else being there who wasn't really there. Once in front of a small religious painting propped up on a table in front of a priedieu. A lady bent over praying as hard as she could, covered in a long cloak with a veil and hat covering her head. Praying for a child of hers to survive after having lost at least three or four. Alice could see the lady in her mind and hear her desparate prayers. Very clearly.
Then once in a corrider she heard the clicking of little dog nails. For an instant. Couldn't tell from where they were.So! Alice was on a hunt to find out if Isabella had any dogs. Here is one she had called Foxy from a photo of the two of them on the museum roof. Maybe those were the clicky paws Alice heard?