Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mr. T

Another friend of Pika is Truman. "Mr. T", Alice says. He'll do anything for food some say. I doubt that. We dogs are smarter than most people imagine. Mr. T. is huge and gentle. Pika loves walking with him. A very big guy. And strong. . A prince amoung dogs.
I wonder if any human royalty went to the party over at the Swedish Embassy roof Alice saw on her visit to Pika and C. I don't mind heights at all, but Pika does not like being very high unless she has a warm human shoulder to lie upon or cling to. I guess her great-great-great grandparents spent too much time in the lowlands of China in palaces but mine stayed a long time high up in Tibet patrolling the high walls for danger.
Those Swedes. Have yet to meet a Swedish dog. I wonder if they like to go in saunas? That embassy roof that evening was a sauna....