Saturday, June 02, 2007

Vista Hill

Had a walk around Vista Hill up at Foothill Park yesterday with Patsy, Pele and their Jane and my Alice. Gotlots of ham from Alice. She gave a small piece to Pele, too. That's why he's licking his chops in this picture while he looks at Alice taking our picture. Pasty got a big piece and some kibbles, too.
I think maybe Patsy had the best time. She found an AMAZING smell to roll in on the deer meadow lawn. She spotted a deer before any of the rest of us did. And, she really enjoyed being first on the paths to do her shepard duty to protect us all from the mountain lions in those hills. YES! There are mountain lions there who would consider Pele and me small snacks. But we were safe with Patsy along.
The view from Vista Hill is great. Alice and Jane talked about the big wind tunnels you can see behind by tail and we dogs could smell EVERYTHING in northern Santa Clara County and southern San Mateo County. Litle do the people know what we could smell. Rather overpowering it was. But, we can handle it.