Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Begging Basics

Yes, I beg. All dogs do. We can't help it. It's tasty, fun and yet another way to be involved in our people's lives.
There is an art to begging. First, one must sniff the air. Do the people have Something tasty or not? Sometimes they eat what I call underwater insects. Prawns and such. Not worth the bother. Plain bread? Fruit? Walk away. Usually one knows on first paw in house if there is something good. Anything beefy. Chickeny. Liverey. Gravies of all kinds. Roasted slow cooked meats. With those I usually get my own small plate of it with some barley or rice in the kitchen on the floor. Then the people sit down to eat a larger portion. A portion with enough for me I say!
OK. Here is where the high art of begging begins. Show an interest in the food. Make eye contact with the most willing human. Don't bother with Alice. She doesn't give handouts from the table often. Start with step-sister. She is *always* good for lots of tasty handouts. Start on the right. If that does not work stretch out on a carpet nearby maintaining that important eye contact and pout. And look cute. The people like cute. If you are a card-carrying member of the Cute Guild: work it!!! Go to the left side next. This 3-step procedure of right-pout-left always works.
After your fill be sure not to gloat too much. Show some appreciation. Get ready for the next sit-down meal.