Thursday, May 10, 2007


Right where I was looking in that last photo of me by the yellow flowers was Danny! Today! With Miranda!! Oh, how exciting to see them both. I could not stop smiling and wiggling. It'a still like a dream.I last saw him over at Palo Alto Coffee in Midtown about a year ago. He was in town for just a few days - just like this time. And we met both times unexpectedly. It's fate.
Let me explain why he is so important to me. For the first year of my life, my first forever person could take care of me all by herself. The next few years, she had trouble walking long distances fast enough for me so she asked Danny - Dan, now - to take me around the neighborhood. Oh! I waited and waited hours and hours and hours for him to come up this driveway. I pined and pined by the front door. Some wonder today how I can be so patient! I learned.
Dan would sometimes take me for walks with other dogs. Best was when his special human friend Miranda would come, too. A big family pack. "Joy unbounded!!", as W.S. Gilbert would say.
Dan now lives in Santa Barbara and goes off on photography assignments. He still has that touch for all animals. Especially shy ones like me.