Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Furry Dad and Mom

Before Grandma Ellie took me to my forever family, I lived with my furry Mom and sisters. My Mom, Libby, now has a full time job taking care of a nice lady with the help of one of my step-sisters, Jade. My Mom is a great caregiver. She can anticipate whatever the lady needs and help her to get it. My dad, Lucky, is a great caregiver, too. His forever person says he never left her side but for potty breaks as she recovered from a double knee replacement. He's pretty deaf now and over 15 years old, but still has his hound-dog bark. Alice knows now where I got my people skills. And my big-dog bark. My furry Mom and Dad.
Alice hung up a print of this old picture of a dog and puppies who look a lot like my furry family. I bet that big dog is thinking how nice it is to have a big family.