Thursday, April 12, 2007

Good Pabu, Evil Pabu

Alice had a disturbing dream last night. There were two honey colored dogs. Both looked a bit like me but with longer legs. One was good. The other rotten to the core. She couldn't tell the difference until the good one showed an ability to disappear and the evil one's nose on touching it felt thin and pointy. Not roundish like mine. Then the bad one started acting very violent. Biting and kicking. The good one disappeared leaving only a silver coin with a queen on it named Willifrieda letting Alice know it was off on a mission to do good. To save the queen from the evil dog. But, leaving Alice with the bad dog. She was glad to wake up. Very glad.
Alice wakes me up if I have nightmares. I'll bark and run in bad dreams. It takes me a few moments to realize I'm safe when she wakes me up.
What do all these dreams mean? I think it's just the way the brain sorts out and files new information. Sometimes visions come from nowhere. Mozart was said to dream entire new compositions unlike anything he'd ever heard before. Chemists dream of new formulas.
For example, Alice got a letter the other day from a school she attended telling her the alum magazine announcement of a classmate' death, Winnabel, was not true. (Where else could Alice see in a dream the writing of a name like Willifrieda?) And she's been thinking about good and bad people lately like those in Burma. Civil War participants in the Shenandoah. The news from Dafur this week with videos of men on horses galloping around burning villages and scaring the wits out of people. Reporters calling them "Horsemen of the Apocalypse".
You never know who is good or bad until you have chance at a good sniff test. I know that from meeting new dogs on my walks. You never know if they will bark and growl until after the first sniff. Big dogs. Small dogs. No consistent behaviors. Some are gentle and friendly. And some are not. Sniff.... or at least rub noses Eskimo or Maoiri style.