Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New 41 Cent Stamps

Alice checked out the new US Postal Service Star Wars Stamps announced today. Nice. But, she noticed not a word on the USPS website for these new stamps about how they are all 41 cent-ers, not the current 39 cent-ers. Hmmmm. Is this some Jedi mind trick to make us forget about the rise in rates of first class stamps? Hmmmmm. Hmmmmm. Tibetan spaniels are not so weak minded. Still. What fun. The website lets everyone over 18 vote on their favorite stamp from a large choice of Star Wars stamps to be issued on a special sheet in May. So far, the Darth Vadar one wins with 5,209 votes. I prefer the one with Leia and Artoo. The winner will be issued on extra separate sheets all by itself. Vote for Leia and Artoo!!! (But, I fear, thinking about Burma and such... the Dark Side has taken over in one too many places now. Dark Side idolatry. Hmmmmm.)

Preferring to think of whose footsteps might be on this beach. Alice has never seen Artoo tracks there. But she does know where an R5 is nearby!