Friday, March 23, 2007

A Tulip, Irises, and Congee

While waiting for Alice to thaw out my turkey, carrot and congee lunch she had the gall - the nerve! - to walk out of the house to take photos of the garden. Focus Alice! Meal time. Me!!!

What could possibly be more important than my main meal of the day?!
She wanted to take a photo of the first tulip blooming in the garden. She knows what it is since she saved the label from the bulbs she planted last year. Tuplia Apricot Beauty, single early, from Langeveld Bulb Company in Holland, via the East Palo Alto Home Depot. Why she bothers with tulips beats me. Not cold enough over Winter here for them to do well.
And, around in the side yard the purple irises are doing well, too, she says. By the time she finished with that my meal was ready.

She learned the word "congee" yesterday from her Mother. It's overcooked rice. Alice thought it was just a bad accident when she cooked some rice a couple of days ago thinking it was barley which needs an hour to cook.... Turns out it's great for delicate digestions and is a classic Chinese dish. I lap it all up. With some turkey.