Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Me and R2

Alice posted something for her sister at the local Post Office. I got stuck in the car until she was done. But then she let me sniff around the lawn by the Post Office. She seemed very interested in the new coverings on the postbox there. It looks like R2-D2. 400 mail boxes are to get those special coverings to introduce a new US stamp honoring Star Wars' thirtieth anniversary coming soon.

I think I've seen all the Star Wars movies. I've decided R2 is really a dog. He is loyal. Brave. Better senses of smell and sight than all the humans and is always there to protect his people. He saved Queen Amidala when her ship was attacked. He helped young Anakin survive a space battle. He rescued Queen Amidala from molten metal in a factory. He dragged her off a lava planet to safety in a space ship. He was the postman of all postmen getting a message from Princess Leia to Obi-wan through a space battle, a desert, a droidnapping, and worse.... Yes, I like R2.

"My" local R2 is positioned to watch over my town with the help from a little fisherman nearby who has managed to get his line stuck in a window. I bet those two will have some adventures at night. Maybe with the help from some local racoons who live in the sewers. (Or will the racoons be the thugs in that story? Hmmmm. Must meditate on this, as Yoda would say.)