Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hospital Visits

Alice has been going to the hospital a lot. To and fro-ing. Me, too, sometimes. Here I am by the fountain entrance of the hospital. And here is the yellow bush Alice picked out for me and her to give her Dad. As a fellow guy, I know he'll need a bush for Number One-ing. I can tell inside that building there are not a lot of trees and bushes for sniffing. He won't get to leave for another couple of days so he'll need that little yellow bush.

The window in her Dad's room has a great view of the helipad. Yesterday, two helos landed at about the same time. The local city makes a lot of money on fuel tax selling jet fuel to those helos. More tax money, makes for more green lawns at city parks for us dogs. Good deal! Chop chop, chop.