Thursday, February 22, 2007

Back Home, Life is Good

Alice came home last night. I did a two-foot dance for her.

But! She came home with the smell of Jane's Pasty on her hands! She says she saw Patsy for a few seconds before seeing me. Hmmmm.... But I could smell it was a short visit and she had more smell of beach on her than Pasty.

So, Alice went to the beach with her sister and Jane. They all missed us: me, Patsy, Pelle, and Picadou. But they went to some places we probably wouldn't have liked to go.... like that vehicle which smelled of naptha or some nasty dry-cleaning solution. And some of us dogs don't really like the beach. Too much sand between the toes.

Long walk with Alice this morning. Sun, rain and more sun. We met some tourists from Beijing outside the Hewlett Packard Garage-House. One of them patted me nicely and gave us a big smile when Alice said I was from Tibet. They were very excited to see the famous garage and Alice took a picture for them in front of it.

Rather exhausted now. Zzzzzzz.