Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rats to the rain. Once it starts pouring it's a fast walk back home. Lucky today, rain didn't start until we were a block from home after a long walk. Met little Pal, a small bichon, who was actually afraid of me! That's a switch. I thought he was Pele from a distance. We met again outside the Children's Library from different directions. I wanted to play chase-me with him.

I got into the Library's Secret Garden through a hole in the fence when Alice wasn't watching me. But, she pulled be back quick saying we aren't invited in there. Besides, it is pretty muddy in there today.

The grass is very tasty outside the new modern house. Alice let me graze there a long time yesterday. And, then we inspected the progress at Cody's old house. It has a second floor now. Sort of quiet in the rain there. The workers can't do much then I suppose.

Tulip trees are looking good. Here's one near Katie's old house.