Friday, February 23, 2007

Alice left me again!

Aaargh! Alice left me again at Sta. Rita last night. She didn't get back until pretty late. Said something about being a safety pilot for another pilot who needed to shoot an approach for currency. All I know is she came back with the smell of onion soup and hamburger on her face. And that she flew near Sta. Rita twice without stopping to see me. At least she took a photo towards me. I had a nice warm evening at Sta. Rita. She had to use her umbrella a couple of times and a flashlight to check for ice since outside air temps at altitude last night were in the 20's and in IMC.

Funny thing happened on the flight back, she said. They were getting shot out to Manteca by the FAA's NorCal Approach for the G.P.S. approach back to Palo Alto when she got into a discussion of what "manteca" means in Spanish. Butter. Just then, a Mexicana pilot with a thick accent reported in on the frequency. Thoughts of warm Baja California from the day before.... Arroyos and cactus.... Hot tarmac at SJD filled with Citations and Gulfstreams.