Monday, February 26, 2007

Flying and Noise

I've gone flying a few times with Alice in small planes. I like to look outside during takeoff and landing but enroute, I prefer to curl up in back. Frankly, it's a bit too noisey.

Alice notices I'm not super keen to jump in any airplane. Today, on AvWeb, she saw a link to MuttMuffs. There it says if engine noise is loud for humans it's probably painful for dogs. Duh!! Here is a dog like her old friend Frieda wearing Muffs. Alice got out the tape measure and according to the website's instructions, measured the "dog's noggin". My noggin! Well! Did not like that one bit. Now am suspiciously watching her from a safe distance. Is this good? Is this bad? Don't know.
She says I am a small or medium. Probably a small. Does this mean something new for my blue trip bag?