Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patrick's

I was invited to the family St. Patrick's party. Got two plates of beef filet and then parked myself under the table with the beef. Lots of pats. Not as much beef as I would have liked. Alice and I wore our matching Irish County Mayo tartan kits. But, I'd had a bath earlier in the day. So fluffy, hard for anyone to see my Mayo green.
Alice left the party a bit early to go curling. Her team has been doing well in their local league championships. She liked seeing fellow curling club members wearing green. TC had a great big green hat.
Alice's team has two skips, Barry and Gabrielle. Gabrielle has been playing less than a year and has already gone to the national ladies competition where she skipped the team representing the Mountain-Pacific "MoPac" Region. Barry has been teaching her everything he knows. Nikki and Mason have been playing on Barry, Gabrielle, and Alice's team this year as spares more often than not. But last night Nikki played on another team. Here she is delivering a stone with a fellow team player showing some Celtic pride for the night.