Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring Clip

Big day for me yesterday. Alice clipped my slippers off for Spring. Here's a half-way photo. And another of me recovering. Clipping is very stressful. I'm so afraid of skin being pinched or worse. I scream if I feel the hint of a pinch. Alice was very careful. No blood drawn.

Lots of screaming last night in Merida, Mexico. Some people were very upset about a visit by Barney and Miss Beasley's people. So upset, some even threw slabs -- slabs!!- of concrete at their hotel. And tried to ram down big metal walls that made the town rather like being in Berlin in the Cold War.

Alice went to Berlin in 1987. She saw both sides of the Brandenburg Gate. On the west, on a cold gray day she thought about President Reagan saying so loudly and firmly, "Tear down this wall!" She thought of her day before, walking around East Berlin. Seeing the bullet holes in the old buildings on Unter den Linden. The one flavor of ice cream available in the main square. The Russian style uniform shirts - and worst B.O. ever - of the East German guards at the U-Bahn stations. She stood there the next day on the western side weeping.

Oh! Why are there any walls in the world? I guess there are just not enough TMs and Tibbies to teach the people basic manners.