Monday, March 12, 2007

Cooper and Patsy

Alice finally met the famous Cooper who made the lickety-split aura analysis of Mick Jaeger last year. Here are Cooper and Pasty playing in a park while Alice, I and Jane watched from a safe distance. I'm not too keen on big-dog wrestling. Or Frisbee catching. Besides, Cooper's person told her Cooper did not like small dogs period. Often attacks them just for being small. Well! I decided to Zen out.
After the wrestling and chasing big-dog show, a nose sniff, and a walk all together, Cooper decided I am OK. Richard said perhaps it was because I am not really a small dog inside. Duh! I'm just a vertically challenged Tibetan Mastiff as we say here in the P.C. Land of Shake n' Bake.
PS Richard carries the most wonderful chicken jerky. Lots to share.