Thursday, March 15, 2007

Apricot Blossoms

The apricot tree out front burst into bloom with the recent heat. Alice likes the way it smells. I much prefer today two spots on the grass at the local elementary school where I love to rub my face and roll on my shoulder.... when Alice lets me.
Fruit tree and tulip tree blossoms all over the sidewalks. Soon walks will get shorter with the Summer heat. I hope I blow my winter fur coat before the serious heat arrives.
Alice says we don't have enough working local bees for the apricot to produce much fruit. I know where the bees are. In the rosemary bushes. Lots in there.
She tells me about how this area used to be covered with blooming fruit trees before the tilt-up slab buildings of Silly Valley sprouted. Canneries, small school kids "cutting the 'cots" for drying, orchard supplies at the Orchard Supply Hardware ("OSH") in the middle of the cherry tree orchards in Sunnyvale, the constantly busy canning factories. Now all the orchard families who did not become land developers have moved to the Central Valley and face competition from growers all over the world. Apricots from Turkey. Blueberries from Uruguay. Whoever has a bumper crop wins each year. Or whoever is diversified.
One year, Alice's apricot tree will have a bumper crop and then she and her neighbors won't know what to do with all that fruit! (Alice says, "Chutney, Pabs!!!)