Monday, March 19, 2007

More St Pat's

A St. Pat's guest (thanks Ray!) sent Alice some pictures of us in our matching Mayo rigs. Nice.... but.... Ooooo... how tough it was to sit still for pictures within 4 feet of the mound, yes mound!, of beef filet.

Diego was also in his fine tartan rig. His Mom is a Robertson just a generation or two away from the Highlands. People are often very surprised to find out Mexico has so many immigrants from around the world. For a long, long, time, the Spanish Crown officially only let Spanish Catholic subjects emmigrate there. But after Mexican Independence, the doors opened. Lots of Europeans came to escape the 1800s wars - especially after 1848. Lots of Lebanese came after the Ottoman Empire fell. (One of them is now the third richest person in the world having created the telephone company monopoly there called Telmex. His first name is Slim, but he is not slim.) Same all over South America and Latin America. Nikki's family came to Peru from Europe and then came to the USA in the 1960s when a military coup took away her family's farm. It's an agricultural college now.

So, a tibetan spaniel wearing an Irish County District tartan on St Pat's in the USA isn't so odd after all especially since my full name is Pabu Mayo of Lindenwood.

It's comforting to remember St. Patrick himself was an immigrant to Ireland. Or should I say a settled expat instead? Just like the family of Man Who Smokes Cigars. All his great-great grandparents - every single one! - came from Ireland.