Wednesday, March 21, 2007


The rhododendrons started blooming in my yard a couple of weeks ago. First, the short pale pink dwarf in front. Then the bigger ones behind. Azaleas were already out. Most of them were potted indoors plants that have won the Anti-Darwin Award outside. One big rhodie is very Californian. On its own schedule. Months behind - or ahead -depending on your point of view.

Rhodies make Alice think of the Himalayas and the Scottish Highlands. That's where she says she's seen the most beautiful. Miles of them along the railways in the Highlands. Trees of them around Darjeeling.

This year, "mine" were especially nice. So, today, Alice took some glamour shots of me with them. I love to spread out on the sidewalk and watch the world. Rhodies and azaleas included.