Monday, March 26, 2007

Alex and Gracie

A person on Alice's curling team sent her a link to photos of his cats. I used to hate cats. But, not after I spent time with Jane and Jane's cat Piglet. They explained some useful facts of life to me. Cats are not to be feared. Chased. Or hated. They just have their own "ways" of doing things that most dogs and people will consider "different"... to put it politely.
Here are Gracie and Alex at their curler's home. As he writes, "As soon as they moved in they decided they own the coffee table. I let them have it. (Except when I'm eating.) " See what I mean by "different"? I always ask permission with my eyes before jumping up on anything if people are around. I know there are certain places one should not go. Most times.