Sunday, March 25, 2007


Last night Alice left me for curling. Again. I got a long walk from Diego before he soaked in the spa. Then I had fun napping on the den couch, the living room couch and the Queen Anne chair. Got to spread out wherever I wanted. Life is good.
Alice told me her curling team did very well last night. They were down 2-6 in the final end but then got 5 and won the game. Apparently it's tough to get that many points in one end. I wouldn't know. Her team has three regular players plus three spares to fill in when the others are away at bonspiels. What I do know about is the friendly competition we neighborhood dogs have got going. Who leaves "messages" where and how high. Saki, the buff cairn terrier a couple of blocks away, has it very tough. His people recently put in three rows of bushes. He has to check them out every day. Each one! I can't resist about three very special and particular bushes over there. But Alice won't let me mark the smallest saying those small box plants can't stand much p-mail. Saki is quite the competitor. He always does the Spanish toro ground pawing after every mark he makes. His people must go nuts replacing all the gorilla grass he kicks out of the way.