Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tule and Little League

Got a sunset walk today. Usually there are a lot of dogs at the local school that time of day. But not today. School yard covered with T-ball Boys Little League. One of the neighbor kids was playing. It seemed like the first time for all those kindergarteners. Parent to kid ratio was 1:1. The baseballs were green fuzzy tennis balls. Each kid got a "safety" talk and had to wear a helmet. Lots of practice fielding grounders. Several had major league baseball t-shirts. Oh my. That's how all those kids learn to play ball! (Alice forgot her camera, so here's a picture from a YMCA website.)

When Alice was that age, she was doing competitive figure skating. Hours and hours skating to Musak and classical music at an ice rink. She thought today - better to have done t-ball or skating then? She's glad she did skating... but.... in her day.... no little league for girls. She thinks she might have liked to do both, but would not have given up skating for t-ball. Alice today has real trouble with balls. She says it's lack of binocular vision. I think it's because she didn't do t-ball in kindergarten.

Met Tule, the eight month old lab neighbor. He is full of energy. And smart. Being trained as a duck gun dog. That's what retrievers are for. Not carrying around manky green fuzzy tennis balls. At least for the smart ones.