Friday, April 27, 2007

Fluffy and Tuffy

Fluffy and Tuffy live around the corner in a big old house with a big yard behind a long white picket fence. Tuffy is a mellow guy. Almost never barks. Fluffy likes to bark at dogs who pass by her fence. You never can tell from a name, no?
They've been exhausted lately supervising the workers improving their house's foundation. It's quite a job their person said yesterday since the house was built and lived in by the chief stonemason for the first buildings at Stanford University. Lots of solid limestone blocks. Not like the thin facing stone many people put on concrete and rebar things today.
Their person also has the best solution for the western tussock moth invasion. They have a big old oak tree that was full of them. The person took a garden hose to their second floor and just hosed them off. Smart lady, no?