Sunday, April 22, 2007

Maddy & a Pink Lady

Sundays in Palo Alto... lots of people are out in their yards filling the garbage cans for pickup tomorrow morning. Blue for recycleables. Green for yard debris. Black for garbage.
The caterpillars love to collect on the top and sides of the black cans. A killing zone... Alice is determined not to let the caterpillars spread en masse to our apricot tree. It's loaded for the first time ever with fruit that has stayed on the tree passed the teeny-tiny stage. I guess the dry winter which was good for caterpillars is also good for apricots. On a happier note, ran into Maddy, the Big Friendly Lab over near Heritage Park. We had on matching green leashes and such. She has such a big and fluffy tail. And gentle eyes. She gave Alice some licks until I wrinkled up my muzzle. Then Alice saw a Pink Lady stretching out at the church where Pika's people were married. The lady had a pink suitcase, too. Now, that's style for a slow Sunday.