Saturday, April 21, 2007


Mariachis were playing outside over at Lucy Stern Center today. Alice and I sat down to listen for a while. They had black outfits, red ties, lots of silver doo-dads and beautiful instruments. A few little kids were dancing to their music while a big wedding party looked on.
Alice has been singing odd songs and practicing dialogue on our long walks lately. Things like, "I've eaten them until I'm quite uncomfortable!" And, "Oppoponax, Eloia!" She took a photo on Wednesday night for me of some other musicians who are accompanying her and a couple dozen others. I see they are not fancy dressed like the mariachis but for the conductor. Hmmmmm. A conductor in blue jeans? Alice says it was just a dress rehersal.
All I can say it this "Oppoponax" business better end soon. I don't like it when Alice leaves for hours and hours every night. Cuts down on the evening walks opportunities.