Saturday, May 05, 2007

BIG Dogs!!

Alice took me to the Palo Alto May Fete Parade this morning. She wanted to see the Jordan School Band. They've been practicing their marching song every school day by marching right by stepsister and brother's house a couple of times a day. Neighbors come out to watch and applaud them. They are that good.
Have to admit, I much preferred the very BIG dogs with sharp paws. I could not sniff them enough. Alice lifted me up to get nose to nose when they stopped a few doors away from our house. Wow! Are they big!!! They pulled a huge wagon to carry the martial arts children who pooped out during the parade. I wonder if they also pull the old taxi carriage from Vienna their people have? With flowers in their manes and tails?
The parade theme was something about "make believe". So, lots of Disney princesses and pirates. Alice, however, chose to wear a green, white and red sash from Zacatecas on her hat because today is, afterall, Cinco de Mayo. So, to my minky chica pal south of the border: Viva Mexico!! Y Viva los perritos Mexicanos!!! Y viva Jordan, la escuela de la persona de Pika!!!!