Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Human Terriers

The empty lot nearby now has a big hole in it. Last week, people dug lots of shoring holes by Pugsy's house. Then a huge digger truck and a small one were delivered. Alice looked at the trucks, I preferred to look at the weeds and sniff across the street at the delicious bushes by the local school.
Diggy, diggy for three days. Huge pile of dirt this afternoon. Lady truck drivers have been hauling away the dirt. Neighbors Fluffy and Tuffy are exhausted by all of this next door to their house and yard. After two years of that lot being empty, the people are finally getting busy there. Alice said if the lot had been hers and she didn't build on it for that long she would have planted a big field of sunflowers. The squirrels would have liked that! Fluffy and Tuffy's person puts out sunflower seeds for our fluffy-tailed neighbors. And, the birds, too.