Sunday, May 20, 2007

Watchdog Duties

Being a watchdog is one of my prime duties in life. I use my great ears and nose to help the people know about possible dangers in the world. Anything out of the ordinary. Like the banging sound outside this morning. Might have been someone messing around in our garage. Was just a neighbor doing something. It always surprises me when Alice can diagnose a sound better than I can. She knows a bit more - have to admit - about people behavior than I do.
This old painting of a Japanese watchdog got Alice's attention. She wonders when the dog lived. Who loved the dog enough to have its portrait painted and then cherished. How the artist got down below the eye level of that dog. Captured its strong feet and legs. That steeley eye.
Yes, it helps to be huge for watchdog duties. But smarts and conscientiousness are more important. I am never off duty. Wellllll. OK.... a few times I have slept through someone coming to the door, but in all those cases the newcomer was not a stranger to the people.
And yes, it is tough. Very tough, to try to do one of one's main duties in life when Alice leaves me all alone. At least that is not often. And even when alone I do my watchdog job. Like I said, I don't go off duty. OK....except when I have backup from the people and I need to snooze.