Friday, May 25, 2007


Yesterday afternoon, I noticed terrier Trace was walking by my house. I barked and barked for him and Alice to know I knew he was there. Alice took me outside for a sniff. She said she'd remembered she needed to talk to a neighbor about something.
Trace is still a bit of a puppy. He tries to jump all over Alice. Lick and licks her. I had to let him know he was going to far twice. GROWL! He backed off - but when Alice's camera came out he couldn't resist lunging at her.
Sasha, the neighbor's terrier is becoming quite the elder lady. She is slowing down a lot lately. But she still gets around and I do enjoy sniffing where she has walked on the block. She's had hepatitis and all sorts of other troubles, but you'd never know it the way she bounces around most days.