Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Airport Playhouse

The day before I went on the emergency beacon hunt with Alice and Carl, I'd had a look at the playhouses on display at Stanford Shopping Center. Every year a local charity auctions off a bunch of them. Never have seen an airport playhouse before! This one had a control tower and a mini-hangar. Inside was a little pedal car low-wing airplane, a play flight simulator with real aircraft instruments, and walls covered in real aviation charts. Alice noticed the charts where peeling off the walls and the flight simulator did not look like it could work. No windshield-computer screen.
It got her thinking how she could improve it for use by kids or adults. (First, it would need a water bowl, I think! And a bin for Greenies!!!! Heat for winters. A nice blanket for me to cozy into.) Yes, yes, yes, says Alice.
She is thinking about some of her favorite hangers and airport structures. Old British WWII flying control towers at airports. A modern building with moveable awnings made out of exposed wing spars and ribs. The hanger from the Disney movie "The Rocketeer" which is now at the Santa Maria Airport's Museum of Flight. A big hanger door with windows in it. Perhaps a big hanger door with windows and a little door for kids and dogs? Room for a real radio room and radio antennae to listen to airplanes, short wave stations, AM and FM. Maybe a ham radio, too? Lots and lots of antennea, Alice says. Our local airport has a tower with lots and lots of antennea. The local hawks love it. And a catwalk around the "cab" which Alice likes to use when the tower is open to quickly narrow down a search area for emergency beacons at the airport.
Yes, it would be nice to have a little airport tower-hanger playhouse for the backyard if we had lots of land and good views. But we've a big redwood tree and many Japanese maples so perhaps a proper Japanese teahouse instead, Alice says? But I'm happy just to have my doggie door and my sunny lawn.