Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pika, Ellie and C

I met Alice at the airport last night. Her flight was late. Late, late, late. She got stuck on the ramp at JFK for two hours thanks to some clouds coming in and the fact Air Traffic Control likes to shoot all departures west from La Guardia, Newark and JFK over one navigation fix. Silly humans. They must learn to be more flexible and creative. Willing to dash OVER THERE! if it makes sense as we dogs know to do.
Pika gets lots of walks just like me. Here are Pika and neighbor Ellie ready for a walk. And a "nice" picture of Ellie for the humans. Funny how the humans don't like the view we dogs like best.
Pika lives part of the year above a river. Lots of big airplanes roar by. The low helicopters she just tunes out. They fly below her windows!! Marine 1 and 2 back and forth. Black U.S. Customs(?) helos with gold stripes. Imagine that. As if there are actual combat conditions in that place requiring such low flight. Humph! Snort.