Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Carol Wins!!!

I was snoozing on the couch next to Alice after a nice beef and barley dinner tonight when she shouted out to me, "Look! Carol won!!!!" I stared and stared at a small picture of Carol's face. Then back to the snooze.
Carol is the first person Alice ever saw me walk up to on first acquantaince and look deeply into that person's eyes. You see, Carol can understand everything we dogs say. She cares. She knows.
Alice said Carol won a prize in a photo competition for a picture she took and digitally manipulated of a pier over near Half Moon Airport where Alice, Art and I sometimes fly over to for lunch at the Three-Zero Cafe on the field. We like to sit outside by the half wine barrels full of flowers. Watch the pumpkins grow on the field between the taxiway and runway. The seagulls. The vibes coming off the Mavericks surf break nearby. Stretch out in the sun in a place sheltered from the wind. Thankfull to be in California.
I met another person who can talk to dogs today. A man was reading the water meters over at step-sister's house. I went right up to him and had a chat after sniffing his feet, looking deeply in his eyes and nuzzling his legs. Warned him about the Rhodesian Ridgeback nearby who does not like to talk to strangers. Not at all.
Funny thing how a willingness - and ability - to talk to strangers is often a key ingredient inside the few humans who can really talk to us dogs. I think many good photographers have that skill, too, like Carol. An awareness - and liking - of what is beyond your own nose and what is truly inside other creatures and things.