Monday, July 02, 2007

Pika and Human Friends

Right before Alice left Pika, they had a fun visit with some special friends of Pika's. Here she is with her person, C, and Constantine and Sasha. Constantine and Sasha have a dog, too. His name is Chance. He's an Australian dog who takes his job of protecting his flock, er.... family, very seriously. He and Pika like to bark at each other. It feels good and right they say.
Chance's family picked lots of sour cherries last month to make traditional Russian desserts. Alice found out Russians have completely different words for "cherry" depending on how they taste. We dogs have different words for cherries and other fruits. One for each kind. But, I have hundreds of words for chicken! Rather like the Eskimos and their many words for different kinds of snow. Reminds one of what is truly important in life besides friends and family.