Friday, June 29, 2007

Key Bridge 7 AM

Alice woke up very early one Saturday morning. Goofy time-shifts she said. No traffic. No helicopters. The river still as glass. Perfect for reflections from the bridge. She took some panorama pictures. Remembered all the times she crossed that river on the Key or Memorial bridges the year she worked on a hilltop nearby. The sunrises. Sunsets. Cross country skiers when the river iced over and the sculls when it was open. Party boats and rowboats.
Struck her as funny this calm scene of the bridge named for the one who wrote the poem "The Star Spangled Banner". In 1812, Francis Scott Key watched the USA's flag survive bombardment by the British in Baltimore. Did lots of things as a lawyer, but he's rembered best for this Key Bridge and also as a poet, dontcha knowit! ; )