Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Erick O. Paints My Portrait!

Yesterday, while Alice fixed a beef lunch for me in Alta California, my stepsister picked up my portrait down in Baja Californina del Sur. Erick Ochoa painted it. He learned how to draw and then how to paint from Michael Cope. Pika's people have three of Michael's paintings - but my picture is the first in the family from Erick!!
Erick left the painting for me and Alice with Paula at her Cafe Santa Fe Restaurant in Todo Santos. Stepsister propped it up on a chair at her table. Paula's cat proceeded to have a near melt down. She stared at it for at least ten minutes from across the patio. It took her that long to work up the courage to come investigate. She slowly padded over - indignado!! - a dog sitting on a chair at one of Paula's tables!!! Sniffed all over the painting and finally realized it wasn't really me, just my picture.
I think she is still mad. Maybe she wants a picture of herself, too, by Ezio, Michael or Erick? Or maybe she was just mad that her Paula and her Ezio admired it? Or that she was fooled since it wasn't really me in the fur.
Alice has known that cat since she was a tiny ball of fluff. Even when she was tiny, she knew the world revolved around her. Poor thing. What a shock.