Thursday, July 12, 2007

Uncle Bob's G&S

Big package arrived in the mail from Illinois a couple of days ago. Sheet music from Uncle Bob who passed away a few years ago. Lots and lots of Gilbert & Sullivan. The cover of one reminded Alice of the outfit she wore in the second act of a recent production of G&S's "The Grand Duke". The ladies chorus had to wear "Greek" outfits, so they used the fairy outfits from an old show of Iolanthe.
At the Met last month, Alice had fun checking out real Greek vases. As Ludwig says in Grand Duke, "Imagine!... 50 Spartan virgins capering..... struming citharae..." Or thinking how fun it would be in Baroness Krachenfeld's drinking song to have everyone mixing wine in Greek kraters... Or to have the entire chorus painted on one side of a Greek vase reacting to the duel between Ludwig and Grand Duke Rudolph.
Bob didn't have the Grand Duke sheet music since for a long time it has been considered "not good"compared to the Mikado, Pirates and Pinafore. But it is very funny and has wonderful music. Lots of fun to perform and to watch. I like to think Bob still sings along to his favorite music and now also knows Grand Duke.