Friday, July 06, 2007


Thursday in the Summer is Los Altos Farmers' Market day. Bliss on Earth. Got some fresh rotisserie chicken! Beef tri-tip!! And some ala mode vanilla ice cream for dessert. Stuffed. Stuffed-o-rama.
My town has been having some odd fires in the past few weeks. Two up in the hills. Another in a downtown building. Alice saw the latest from the Dumbarton Bridge. Things are so dry. Any match, thrown cigarette butt, a piece of broken glass or a nut-ball arsonist can start one practically by simply staring at the dry grass. We dogs don't start fires. Especially us males. Prefer to "sprinkle" here and there and everywhere. We also would be terrific with our noses at sniffing out small fires before they get big. But, in my town, the professional fire fighters don't want any help from us dogs and other "nonprofessionals". If only they really knew how good our noses are!