Wednesday, July 11, 2007

First Apricot

Alice finally ate her first ever apricot from the tree in the front yard. It's been there several years, but the fruit had always just dropped off while still green or never set after the flowering. It seems this year, no stone fruit tree in the neighorhood could fail. Over on Guinda Street is a perfect and loaded peach tree. Honeybee's house has a pear tree for her Brenda to make lots and lots of pear desserts. A walnut tree is dropping green skinned walnuts all over one of my favorite sniffing corners. Forget "Silicon Valley" this Summer. It's back to being the "Valley of the Heart's Delight" as the old orchardists used to call it.

Agapanthus is blooming all over, too. I rather like to smell the big leaves of those which cover half a sidewalk. Good places for dog p-mail. And Alice's yellow callas, hydrangea and gardenas are smelling up the yard.
I d
unno why she likes them so much. Certain wonderful patches in some lawns smells so much better and are GREAT for rolling in and savoring. Different noses, different strokes.