Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer P-Party

Alice took me to a grocery store near Stanford University to meet Pele and Picadou. Pele's Jane and Pika's Catherine came, too. Most nervewracking for us dogs: each of our people in turn went inside the store leaving us one after the other behind without our Primary Person. Pele had a tough time waiting for his Jane. But she came back quick. I put my tail down when Alice went inside. Why couldn't we dogs go inside? DISCRIMINATION!! Nice walk around the cactus garden across the street. Catherine likes the boojum tree. Reminds her of Baja and her book about it. Alice liked the blooming Century plant. It reminded her of a Christmas tree her friend Robert W. made of a dried one by spray painting it gold, sticking it in a pot with stones and hanging ornaments on it.
Jane liked the statue of another Jane with her Leland Senior and Leland Junior. Alice took of picture of us all looking like the statutes.