Sunday, July 29, 2007

Harry Potter Number 7

A week ago last Saturday evening, Alice went over to her local bookstore to pick up a copy of a big fat book. We drove by that bookstore the night before, but it was too crowded then Alice said. I snoozed as she read for a few hours that Saturday night and a few more hours the next day. I like it when she reads a big book *after* I've had a long walk and plenty to eat. Alice is very good at remembering those vital activities for me. "Feed the troops first!" she says.She lent her big, fat book to her Dad who finished it a few days ago. Here he is reading the final pages. The newspapers say that book sold more than 8.3 million copies in the USA during the first 24 hours it was on sale. Wow. That's a lot of books.
Not sure what all the fuss is about. Alice says there is only one dog character in the book, but that is really just a human in disguise. "Harry Potter". Or "Hairy Potter"?