Thursday, August 09, 2007

Rescue Dogs

At the top of Squaw's cable car, I had a short walk to the hang-out place of the local avalanche rescue dogs. I could sniff out people trapped in avalanches, but I would have some challenges given my dwarf-short legs. Better for me to stick with Alice when she goes out on emergency aircraft and boat beacon hunts in urban areas. Cruising around in a car and then walking around on foot and paw. Heated cars are great things!
Once the sun goes down, it gets cold up there outside the Ski Patrol hut. I sat there for a while with Alice while we looked up at the bowl where lots of avalanches have happened. Thinking about the searches for trapped people. How exciting and fun it is to find someone alive. And how awful it is to find someone dead.
I've met nose to nose two search dogs: Geiger and Zen. They loooooove to play and be with their search person. Zen was raised by Tibetan Spaniels, but he's not so calm. He's got more than enough energy to run all over a search area until the people are falling down dead with exhaustion. I bet the Squaw dogs have that much energy, too.