Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Squaw Valley

I drove out to Squaw Valley for Yappy Hour on a Friday Summer evening. A pet shop throws it for an hour with music, free dog beer and dog ice cream. Funny it's called "Yappy" hour because I only heard one bark the entire time despite there being more than twenty of us. We dogs just rarely bark on neutral grounds. Here I am on the lap of human step-sister, Care, sitting in the green chair. She got me a small serving of vanilla ice cream from Ben and Jerry's. (I just can't stand that doggie ice cream....)
Alice got me a Squaw Pet Pass which looks just like the ski passes the humans have. It's really just a "novelty" pass - not good for anything but a discount at the local pet store - but having one means my person gave donations to the local humane society and the local avalanche rescue dog group. On Monday, we took the cable car up to see where the avalanche dogs work in Winter. I have to admit I trembled a bit on the way up. The view right before the first tower where it looks like one might slam into the rocks is a bit scary. But, after that, I was fine and on the way down I did not tremble a bit.