Friday, August 10, 2007

The Lake

I hear lots about "The Lake". But, different people mean different things by "The Lake." It seems many people have a special one their family goes to. Why can't they be specific? Lake Michigan. Crystal Lake. Lake George. Lake Saranac. Lake Tahoe. Lake Take-yer-pick.
I really don't like lakes. I'm happy to curl up next to a person on a blanket on the shore, but water? Ugh. I'm not meant to get wet. Not me or any in my dog family. Really! We are from Tibet!! Dunking in water there is death!!!
Alice went out on boats at Tahoe. Sophie, the sleek-furred dog, went out on one, too. She likes to watch her people waterski and jumps in the water (!) over and over again (!!) when the boat stops to change skiers. Lucky for her the kids in her family cuddle with her under towels when she starts trembling from the cold water. Alice went out on another much larger boat where dogs are not allowed. The boat had recently had all its woodwork redone so dogs' nails are not welcome. Not a loss for me! I stayed cozy at home keeping a human friend company who was recovering from a nasty bout of vertigo. Then everyone came home and had meatloaf sandwiches on the sunny porch. Terrific handouts for the dog!!