Monday, August 27, 2007

Goodbye Hurricane Dean

Alice got stuck in the remnant of Hurricane Dean when it met the Summer SoCal monsoon. All sorts of fulltime weather forecasters thought Dean would blow up in northern San Diego County this past Saturday evening. But they were 16 hours off. It blew up on Sunday moring and afternoon. Lightning on the Pacific Ocean beaches. Arroyos which hardly ever get any rain in years filled to the brim. Mountain passes slammed shut with clouds; the coast, too from San Diego to the LA Basin. Thunderstorm tops over 45,000' -- too high even for most airline jets.
Here is how Dean looked early Sunday morning.
Alice thinks Robert Krier had the best report when he said the US government forecasters themselves say they ate humble pie for Sunday brunch.
Naturally, they could have just asked us dogs. Forecasting weather? It's a snap. Sniff the air and ESP with all the other sniffers.