Saturday, August 18, 2007

Garden Party and Holly

Garden Party over at Sta. Rita today. Just about all the neighbors came over, including Holly the Corgi. We both got a little bit of the ham from the sandwiches. And we watched the croquet. I got to be very close to the action laying out near Alice's green croquet ball. Alice said I looked like the referee while she played. Holly liked to dash all over. She really likes to herd the people into staying putin one place which they don't do during croquet. How awful when Holly got "pinned" to the stake.
She is a working field dog. Imagine this: just a few weeks ago the first time she'd ever seen chickens in her life - she needed just 12 seconds flat to round them up, herd them into their pen and sit down guarding them. Like I said. A working field dog.
Me? I suppose I could herd chickens if I wanted to, but I've different jobs. Like calmly watching life from the comfort of a polished wood floor. Or soft grass. Or on a lap of someone I really like.
And, playing with my new foxy toy after Holly left!! Tug of war with Alice. Flying leaps to catch it. I like parties and visitors, but I'm really happiest when I have Alice's 100% attention. No distractions from other dogs, thank you very much.